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Andrew Espinal

The Beautiful; The Nasty: Summer sex, where skin is salty from sitting in the sun. Sex that....


Summer sex, where skin is salty from sitting in the sun.
Sex that smells like clementines and the suntan lotion you got rubbed on your back two hours ago.
It’s hot and sweat beads and rolls off your body, splashing on your partner’s skin.
Every kiss is a salty delight, every window a foggy landscape. Every outdoor area a substitute for your bed.
The moon and stagnant air beam at your naked skin.

Oh, summertime love. How brief and lovely you are.
A vacation in the mind to escape to during the drudge of the white-blue freeze.
Summer sex is the sex you don’t need to stay warm.
I’m hot, make me hotter.
Let’s experience this slippery moment in bare ecstacy.

A cold shower after a hot encounter, shared.
The freezing drips send sharp sizzling vibrations on my skin, almost audible.
Scrub my back, please- I can’t reach.
We were dirty, now we’re clean. Want to be dirty again?
Hot core, cold epidermis, a confusing cacophony of dirty, clean, hot, cold, inside, outside.
We’re saturated with so many fluids. 

Summer sex, the sweaty glory of love and love making.

Summer sex, my favorite kind.


(Source: sensualskin)